3ED Ventures is a private club for angel investors, startup founders, experts, mentors and advisors founded by investor and ideologist Eduards Zolotukhins. For the project we developed a brand identity, did copywriting, created custom 3D motion videos, designed and launched a multi-page website on Tilda.

Brand identity and website development for 3ED Ventures

3D motion
made on tilda
awards and mentions
ux/ui design
The basic palette of the brand is neutral and inspires confidence. However accent blue emphasizes the desire to create technologies of the future. This can also be seen in the futuristic 3D motion videos wich are the hallmark of the fund’s website. They attract with their openness, cyclicity and meditative dynamics. Creating the motion videos, we wanted to convey a collective image of innovative and progressive startups in which the fund  invests in early stages.
Creating the identity for the 3ED Ventures fund, we were faced with a task of revealing the key features of the company — transparency, technology and expertise. The logo was built from a combination of weighty and rich initials of the founder, as well as light but strict lettering based on the grotesque Sora.
Project team
art director
Leo Leonov
Lina Musaelian
Lina Musaelian, Nikita Gabulsatarov
Nikita Gabulsatarov
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