Andrey Krauzov was born in 1991 in Moscow. Studied at NYFA (LA) and graduated from GITR (Moscow). All Andrei’s works are full of allusions to great artists, from ancient Greek myths to modern ceramics.

Portfolio site for a director and cinematographer Andrey Krauzov

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Based on the individual style of Andrey Krauzov, we have developed a portfolio site containing the most iconic Andrey’s works. The main sections "films" and "photo" are always fixed, so it is easy to find them from any site’s page. Corner-rounded catalog cards refer to old film frames and filmstrips. When you hover on the card — the frame comes to life. The "Caudex" font conveys an antique, slightly gothic mood and appropriately complements the author’s dark graphics made by illustrator Artem Grigoriev (black typography). For the inner pages we’ve used a combination of Serif (Caudex) and Grotesque fonts (PT Root).

The main screen was made in the form of a table of contents, from which you can go to one of three sections: "Films", "Photo" and "About". Each section has its own graphic logo.
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