Portfolio website and identity for a street photographer

Anna Kulikova is a street photographer whose work is inspired by life on the city streets. Her interest in street photography is based on the honesty and spontaneity of this genre, and she seeks inspiration in architecture and the unique atmosphere of the urban environment. We created a logo for Anna, came up with a general concept for her identity, and developed and designed her portfolio website.
user experience
interface design
art direction
The logo idea is based on the spirit and traditions of Bauhaus, where form serves function. The use of a decorative element in the letter "O" refers to the silhouette of a camera and also serves as an accent.

The website is designed in a black-and-white minimalist style. The structured layout and lack of unnecessary elements allow for a better understanding of the photographer's work. The website has both a dark and light color theme, giving users an additional choice in viewing projects. Additionally, an interactive photo slider is present on the website.