Portfolio website and identity for a film director and photographer

Brandon Mercer is a director and photographer who creates short films and videos that address mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community. Initially starting out as a director and photographer in the fashion industry, Brandon continually works on his connection with others through life experience and finds solace in the complexities of human life.
user experience
interface design
art direction
The logo is placed in a light blur that smoothly transitions from letter to letter. When the blur appears, we perceive the object as a memory to which Brandon's works refer. Although a memory is something personal, over time it acquires an indistinct contour and becomes open to another viewer. This openness is expressed in the spacing between the letters, as if inviting us into Brandon Mercer's world.

The website's identity often features a dreamy effect achieved through a dark background and blurring on hover. Custom navigation elements help the user focus on the works of Brandon by fixing the cursor's focus. The site's loader, stylized as a VHS interface, immediately sets the user's mood.

The main page features the author's selected and recent works. It is designed as a horizontal scroll with a rhythmic grid, resembling an unwound film reel.
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