The identity and website development for Igor Klepnev's portfolio.

Igor Klepnev is an independent artist who has created album covers for Scriptonite, Big Baby Tape, Monetochka, Shortparis, KazusKomy, and other musicians. He has also directed music videos for songs such as "Ai" and "Poema o Rodine" by Husky, and "Brooklyn" by Miyagi & Andy Panda. In the studio, we designed a logo, developed a cohesive identity concept, and created a website portfolio with custom coding.
art direction
interface design
The logo is built on the alternation of italic and straight letters, emphasizing the variable, non-trivial, and creative approach that Igor applies in his projects. The logo was developed based on the Neue Machina Semibold font from Pangram Pangram studio.

In the identity, especially on the website, color themes are interchangeable. From dark to light and vice versa. This allows for variability in viewing Igor's projects and gives users additional choice.

The homepage of the website is a feed that showcases highlights of Igor's work and the latest updates. It is presented in the form of a chaotic, free grid. The other pages serve as sections (Projects, Portraits, Cover art, and Video), where all of the artist's works can be found. On typical pages, the grid follows the content format and is divided into 2-3-4 columns.