Development of a website and identity for a creative workspace.

PFU (Place for us) is a modern coworking and youth space in Belgrade, bringing together multifunctional areas for comfortable work and relaxation. In this project, we worked on creating identity, developing a logo and design materials, as well as creating a website based on the identity we designed.
user experience
interface design
art direction
The identity is built on graphic compositions combined with large typography and custom icons, which reflect the functionalism of the coworking space itself. The icons convey the necessary message and friendly atmosphere, and also form a functional tandem with the text - resulting in a wide variety of graphic compositions that can be easily used both in the coworking space itself and on all media.

The letterform of the logo mirrors the distinctive details of the coworking interior - rounded partitions, workspaces. The letters form a unity, conveying the desire to create new connections. The logo is also inspired by Bauhaus typography, which is reflected in its blockiness and roundness.

The website's visual elements include graphic elements of the identity - custom icons and bold typography.
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