Zebra Hero is an independent creative agency and production based in Moscow, ranked 4th in the category of creative agencies in Russia according to AKAR 2020. Agency clients: AliExpress, Samsung, Google, McDonald’s, Kinder.

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Our task was to redesign the old site of the Zebra Hero agency. As a key reference we took European minimalism with elements of brutalism. Agency’s brand identity comes from the name. Zebra (animal) has a series of black and white tones. Therefore, the mixed blend effect was used for the display and expressiveness of the identity as it recolors any color into the opposite one. Agency also provided us with a fresh photo shoot in a trendy "African" style.

For the  main page, we created a convenient project directory with filtering and sections. Each work  is a separate case containing videos, backstage and credits.
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Leo Leonov
Sasha Nagovitsyn
Sasha Nagovitsyn
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